\\ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷\ noun (-s)
Etymology: blow off
a. : a blowing off of or as if of steam, water, or other fluid (as from a boiler); sometimes : something that is blown off

the drought has made the soil blowoff very bad this year

b. : spree, binge
2. : a device for blowing off steam or gas or for discharging water or accumulated matter from pipe lines and sewers
3. : a climax especially when marked by a shift from relative passivity to vigorous action

the blowoff had come when he had lodged his thousandth complaint about the food — Don Tracy

: a strong reaction to an existent condition

upset the military balance of the area, and made some kind of blowoff inevitable — Time

4. slang : a main or featured attraction : drawing card; especially : a special usually vulgar performance that follows the main performance in some carnivals and side shows

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